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lirik lagu diet coke – young zee


[intro: rah digga & young zee]
yesterday’s price is not today’s price
push’ let me use this!

[verse 1: young zee]
all you n*ggas spit it
awfully dope, right?
but i’ll still sound better
with a broke mic
jersey n*gga challenge
what’s your flow like
kevin hart
everybody go night
slugs i throw it like green bay
gonna k!ll an opp like
gator hunter like a stingray
playing greenday
speakin’ pig latin like
don’t ink*thay
just drink, bae
i kidnap your wife
f*ck the glits and glamor
to get her back
you gon’ have to
f*ck a pig on camera
beef? i say huh
like french montana
gon’ pop up a antenna
we find you on camera
i left his heart of east havana
like camila cobello
with heat from cabela’s
don’t sleep on us, fellas
we throw the head
from a f*ckin’…
dead sheep on your pillow
i party with will and
jada at the billow
they pass out
willow use my d*ck
for a d*ld*
i nut on her sh*ll toes
she got on melrose
then steal some of will clothes
and i ain’t ever caught a misdemeanor
like [?] hold that tec*9
with no clip in it

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