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lirik lagu stu maxher! – youngsaucyjayy


[producer tag: luvsage}
sage let’s go!

don’t get this sh*t confused
put ya house on the news
cause it got hit wit a nuke
she blow the gang like a flute
& you done started a bomb that cannot be defused
see lil buddy started wrong
when he hit me on sum hot sh*t
talking bout
“yo bro please do not play about my top b*tch”
i replied
“yo watch ya mouth & watch ya tone you’ll end up topless”
& since we on the topic
red beam on bro optic
gang circled round ya house
he said it’s looking like a mosh pit
dressed in all black likе i was tryna be a gothic
bang boom is all you hear
b*tch i’m batman, that boy robin
if he buzzing, rob his pollеn
take his chain & run ya wallet!
fl!ck up, stick up, wrist up
yo b*tch might get picked up
my sh*t rip, give hiccups
finger lift, they dip, no sit up
gang sh*t we in this b*tch
pointing at you like a bl!ck
you cannot point at the clique
my n*gga shoot shots & don’t miss
n*gga yo porch like baseline
my shot p*ssy no bricks
she wan talk not right now!
my phone dead, it’s night out
told em to slide to my house
cum on yo hoe, the lights out
get rid of mistakes no white out
my stick bang, lebron
i rock saint laurent
i curved that b*tch, croissant
250 my arm
i put ya bro chain
yo lil hoe ain’t the same
since the bih ran through the gang
shawty be blowing, no brain
p*ssy don’t test bro aim
blind to the bullsh*t stevie
n*gga watch me like tv
bro got the stick in the ghini
n*gga i link wit her once
since then lil shawty ain’t seen me
won’t try to take yo hoe
on me that sh*t too easy
n*gga got cheese, fettuccine
n*gga i slide in the benzo
take yo hoe she on endo
shawty said “i go too deep”
i said “meet me in the end zone”
don’t f*ck wit you n*ggas my friends low
put a new bad b*tch in the friend zone
young n*gga ain’t sipping that dirty
my n*gga still shoot like curry
hey b*tch! let’s go!
y’all n*ggas screaming y’all outside
shawty want jay her mouth wide
he got a beam on his forehead
that lil n*gga got cross eyed
that n*gga get packed if he cross i
lil bro wan diss you f*cked up
lil bro wan diss i luck up
like editing sk!lls, get cut up
no smoke but i’m spitting that crack n*gga
got a lot on my plate like a fat n*gga
talk sh*t on the gram where the at n*gga?
tmb on go get packed n*gga
yo b*tch still hitting my jack boy
for ya mom i’ll buy that bag boy
young thug wit the juice ima bad boy
shawty run through the guys you mad boy
sage let’s go!
that n*gga sage on his rage sh*t!