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lirik lagu 42 (forty deuce) – your old droog


me and my team played the deuce
back when you used to think you could boost your high with a loose
in front of the old port authority
i was the bustdown king, newport authority
the internal biological menthol mechanism let me know the exact time to p-ss it– ace
eat a hot dog, get mustard on your face
42nd street is the place
play stop sign on that strip all the time, square
wherever the hoes is at, i’m there
at the theatre catching flicks
i saw you with your b-m -ss girl wearing matching kicks
son, i even sold stevie nicks
and an o of regs to fran leibowitz
there’s none of that now, we make hits
like times square at night, i’m lit

on the deuce, on the four
on the deuce, repeat

some clap on the 2 and the 4
others clap on the 1 and the 3 (i won’t judge yall though)
you walking down 42nd at night
you might run into me

clap on the 2 and the 4
hit the bank, take paper out like new shoes in the store
you know i can’t wait to buy new shoes
zooted, b-mping i can’t wait by nushooz
808’s smelling like reaganomics
on 42, declining offers to see comics
the rap game is a comedy show
if i need a laugh i just watch their video
i wanna know who’s your yay supplier
tell em to meet me in front of grays papaya
where it used to be, smoking a loosey
just left the hard rock cafe, feeling woozy
got the blues, walking past bb kings
see how long it take to get to the shuttle, time it
how he flip nushooz in this tough guy climate?
like times square at night, i’m lit


never ducking out the way for a tourist shot
f-ck with me that’s more business for the florist spot
got two fire verses and the chorus hot
plus a 8 bar bridge
a peak into this man’s mental on grand central
tell a story and throw in a hint of oriental
skated thru bryant park when the sky went dark
hit the diner and ordered an omelette