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lirik lagu 12:40 – yrgp


i needed a beat
ghetto doing his thing
we one in the same

creative outlet it
got yo spouse wet
man sneaky only mouse
that really do like cat

i’ll probably keep her
but i don’t need her
got the speaker

booming base rocking
bodies as i beat it up

sh-t is getting outta hand
they k!lled another brother
got me acting right
tried to win the p-ssive fight

p-ss the vibes
its only right
that we get it

project my voice you might
hear it this song
is full of my spirit

but i just tell them
i just needed a beat
this for ol’trouble some me
i’ll spoon feed but never do it
for free

it’ll cost you that work
the more i learn
made me realize
that i don’t know sh-t

but real eyes seen through
dis guys, don’t like getting tricked
i’ll listen just to add to my learning
i’m a living man with work to do
yeah my willeres important

i’ll snap quicker than a fat b-tch
trying to bungiejump
young an coming up
i hope at least you’ll say you f-ck with us

love for supporters of yrgp
telling me how they feel me
an checking for new sh-t weekly

i reply did you hear me
i’ve been so f-cking busy
drinking to numb this pain
but i feel it in my kidneys
(oh no)
i just needed a beat this for ol’troublesome me