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lirik lagu 14 – ysa sukreme


yeah 14 14 14
i just wanted all of you to know that this is just a freestyle haha

do good i give him the five like a nickel
mess wit me you don’t get the five you get the middle
blow up already i ain’t complain
always wanted to do this talkin’ about my life and my pain
y’all can’t keep up but i ain’t even speed up yet
i’m on a hold new flight we go fast like a jet
i ain’t even dry because my neck always wet
always taking w’s uh you can’t take it
they watching me blow up and they thought i wouldn’t make it
my back in pain cause i’m always carrying these lames
they always sounding the same
she texting my phone but i ignore the message because exes change
i made my own path my own path i paved it
whenever i spit it’s to valuable to not save it
they put me on here because they need the rapper that stay upgraded