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lirik lagu not an ordinary love song – yuko yokio



this ain’t no ordinary love song
i need you with me

flying down the interstate
you are all on my mind
it’s too hard to concentrate
happy we could stay away
drugs are all you do these days
i hope you could stray away
help me tell me what you need
i’m all yours for the day

but you don’t wanna help yourself
you’re okay with burning out
but you don’t wanna help yourself
i think there’s something going on
your complications burden me
but you’re the girl that’s in my dreams
pills are taking over you
while emotion is taking me

this ain’t no ordinary love song
i need you with me

it’s autumn oh yea yea and i’m outside yo car
just tell me if it ever seems i take it too far
but i must ask who’s that guy?
i think i-i-i
wanna k!ll you, this is serious i love love love you
and i’m broken but i’m hoping that you you come through
to my condo we in camp like lozlo
young boi out in oslo
my bois out like pr-nto
they pop 9 like rondo
can’t think now my mind slow

is this what love feels like?
aye yeah
i wouldn’t know
could i call you baby
lately you really shake me
you so d-mn captivating
i need you to myself
yeah girl you really spun me
been in love from the jump see
i wonder why you don’t want me
no, please don’t run from me…