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lirik lagu charles manson – yung corpse


[yung corpse]
welcome to my house
this is where u die
b-tch you talk too much
im pullin out ya teeth
neighbors hear the screams
if u call the police
im at yo fuckin neck
fuck all my victims
mix of blood and c-m
necrophilia sex
make me feel alive
and my d-ck deep inside
mutilate u slow
its lookin like a slaughterhouse
u can try to run
u can try to hide
it will anger me
and u do not want that
yung corpse comin now
i look like charles manson
ill probably die in prison
by an execution
mangle strangle ya
now ya guts gettin tangled up
just like the rope that i chose to k!ll u with
so much fucking blood
oh my fucking god
stab u in the eyes
i just love the sight
i love it even more when they try to fight back