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lirik lagu some privacy – yung crucial


i just want some privacy
so i can take my time with you
turn our phones off for the nite

we don’t need no interruptions boo
and it’s time to make a movie
see each other from different
points of view
and tonight i’ll be your plumber
as i lay this pipe inside of you

i just want some privacy
so i can be alone with you
and i don’t need no silverware
when i say that ima dine in you
spread them legs
give me that pie
i don’t know why you acting shy
cause ima get you off
and then i’ll let you blow my mind
that’s a favor for a favor
that p-ssy filled with flavor
she swear i take her on trips
and she don’t even sign no waivers
my tongue game is stupid
that’s an automatic tapout
and you know that p-ssy good
when your -ss can’t pull out
she get on top and she ride it
i flip her over and slide in
suck on her t-ts cause she like it
spank on her -ss when i’m behind it
every time we make a movie
it’s lights cameras actions
the way she grip the sheets
and let the moans out
i know she climaxing
chocolate syrup and whip cream
when i’m feeling kinky
get the handcuffs and it ain’t
gotta be my birthday and she
still down to get her b-tt f-cked
hit it from the back she like it
rough face in the pillow she loud
as f-ck she throw it back like she
want the nut sign on the door
don’t disturb us

i just want some privacy while
i’m swimming in your
swimming pool she throw that
-ss in a circle she ride the d-ck
in reverse too she know just how
i like it i ain’t even gotta say sh-t
her head game is stupid all on
my d-ck she drooling she take it
deep and she jerk it that -ss fat
and she twerk it her body bad
she perfect i’m in her garden like
a serpent
she ride the wave she surfin
she bussn nuts and cursin
she spread them cheeks
i put my thumb in
make her feel it all in her stomach
trying to taste you all in the shower
that p-ssy bloom like a flower
my d-ck long like a tower
no minute man gon for hours
it’s so intense when she c-min
she turn me on when she moanin
got her seeing stars she zoning
that p-ssy mine i own it
i swear to god she freaky
all she gotta do is gimme that look
i gave it to her one time
now she can’t let the d-ck go loose
i go so deep
she feel it in her guts
got the neighbors p-ssed
cause she loud as f-ck
got the music loud but
they can still hear us
sign on the door
don’t disturb us