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lirik lagu 1 hunnid – yung cyfa


(verse 1)
money bag, money bag…
i’m running this sh*t like a muh f*ckin runnin back
i crack myself up when i laugh at these rappers who can’t even rap wit they funny ass..
i just had a n*gga that sold me a gunnnn i bought it and i got my money back
ran off on the plug wit 22 bowls, he beat, kuz cyfa not coming back…
just me in the whip, with trees in the trunk, i feel a muh f*ckin lumberjack…
i bought a new glock witta beam on da top, they wanna know what type of gun is that
walk straight in the club, and step on the stage, them b*tches be jumping like jumping jax…
i run thru these holes like christian mccafrey i’m not even wearing no shouldеr pads…
she wanna kiss it ain’t nunna dat
i’m beating it up like a punching bag…
i pass hеr to bro when i’m dun wit dat

errrthang i do 100
i keep it real 100
my foot on gas 100
i’m counting this cash 100

(verse 2)
i’m on the block like stop signs
security strapped wit glock 9s
my rolly don’t tick its clock wise…
i’m cooking them chickens like popeyes
put a gun on yo nose you cross eyed
put the heat in you mouth like hot fries…
cyfa i really got mob ties..
i’m smoking this gas in a high rise..
i’m in the kitchen like groceries
i’m sticking the d*ck in her ovaries…
you already know it’s on go wit me..
yung cyfa be snappin like poetry
i’m focus i do this sh*t globally….
can’t none of these rappers run over me
i swear i’m so hot the label that pick me, is lucky i think ima clover leaf!!
you owe me some money then pay me with interest i don’t really want ya collateral
these n*ggas be rats, you know that’s a fact forreal so we not compatible…
i hang with the bees …capitol
these n*ggas is p*ssy v*g*n*l..
and i got the bowls for 1700 but if he a stranger i’m taxin em…

errrthang i do 100
i keep it real 100
my foot on gas 100
i’m counting this cash 100