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lirik lagu obsidian – yung pacemaker


two thousand sixteen and they want to be me now
roll up to the party in a.p.c. chinos
with bottles and bottles of san pelligrino
i only sip that and a double ristretto/
your boy’s on the rocks like i’m henri rosseau
i’m handsome and cunning like nicholas reo
bought too much supreme but i get it for free now

not yet but anyways i won’t stop
a c a b no friend to no cop
quick to dish tickets and even quicker to lock up
quick to crack kids and even quicker to pull glocks

couldn’t find a label when i wanted some help
tried to get it golden got it put on a shelf
never asked for money i just earned it myself
eff eff a kickstarter fund the record yourself

that’s why i’m
out here pinching pennies like i’m lavish mitch
it’s lavish mitch
and you don’t know the half of it
i’ll pay you with some chips and dip
i’m looking for a sponsorship
to keep on spittin’ triplets
for little kids
whose cigarettes
are burning fingertips
outside a house show
stage dive off the kick drum

fun in a bl–dy
givenchy hoodie
rottweiler tiscci
bangover queasy
deals with a.p.c. like i wanna be yeezy/ taught me
jesus bought me
b-mpin’ watch the throne like