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lirik lagu 0 less than 3 – yung rudd


yeah yeah yeah yeah (x2)
hardest in f-cking trinidad dawg
real facts

in case none of you n-gg-s know
it’s the young rudder, trapso god with the k!ller flows
going to the limit, other men don’t go this distance though
n-gg-s put up hating statuses hoping a b-tch’ll show
on a f-cking d-ck, go choke
cah pull my card, i pull your gyal own playing kiss and blow
christmas in my jeans, on my gun it have a mistletoe
super flexible, defying physics scientists’ll go
nuts making theories about her physical
for you, she’s a simpleton

’cause simple is as simple does
f-ck you talking bout? k!lling rudds?
i steady here spliff building buds
have men talking out their -ss
but they’re constipated with building buzz
allyuh talking bout movements
i just waiting here for your sh-t to budge

allyuh rhymes come from a bowel
roll my eyes up in my head like i’m simon cowell
’cause of what’s coming out my head, them gyal need a towel
if you ask me for a chance, have to ask that final vowel
is it because i’m immaculate, handsome and so f-cking fly?
is it because i make hits and it seems like i don’t even try?
is it because it have 95k on “nah b-o-y”?
or is it because my wood does be breaking more often than ply?

my oh my
get higher than the sky
then do like you’z a vegan and i’z a gyro guy
yung rudder make ’em feel awful
pound you like chune in a car show
and i doe play no games dawg
dan this ain’t no fibbage or drawful
fans always say break a leg
i have an unfixed metatarsal
lyrical sk!ll it so powerful
more delivery than parcels
hop on a stage is nothing but fire like arson
call up the marshal
usually i’m impartial, but sh-t hounds i can’t handle

dan the fact is, we done changed the game
we’re like drake, after we nothing’s the same
can’t follow my footsteps, rip wayne rodriguez
if you do call me andy, that would be a tiefhead
mans dem try to call me out thinking that they cud decred-
when they come in this recent
me and rappin done been wed
allyuh mad to call my name when allyuh men just decent
n-gg-s dip low when they see me, ’cause they know they rejects
when we’re the ultimate
you’z a madman if you think that i not great
or afraid to f-cking say it
st. nick – you show me a reds, i f-cking slay it
or if she on her red, then it’s just some plays

swagging on ’em
dabbing on ’em
knowledge base
d-mn enormous
fan base always acting moreish
saved trini rap like i’m lloris
n-gg-s leave me out their top 10
’cause their brains slower than a loris
while all of them real ones
ask the words up in this chorus

young rudder why you rapping so hard?
why you bulling while i fapping so hard?
why you got a 12 bar barrage?
why you not on all the top 10 cards?
’cause these p-ss-es hate it that i’m hard
like lesbians when they wanna talk
i grew up in the valley with no heart
i don’t pray, i just rap and sh-ll out bars

i don’t pray, i just rap and sh-ll out bars
i don’t pray, i just rap and sh-ll out bars