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lirik lagu how do i feel – yung tarrio


uh yeah uh
how i feel
i dont know

[verse 1]
tryna fake it
no drugs in my system
but i’m wasted
they tryna take it
gotta swallow all my pride fore they make it
something about me
something about me
something about me

[verse 2]
wanna know how i feel
it’s been a minute
i saw what you said
and i got offended
try to hide all of my feelings
i can’t let em see it
can’t let em be
better than me
bruising my ego that’s higher than me
higher you see
what are the odds right
[verse 3]
bet on that
over/under i’m not sad
whats it take to make you mad
i’ll try that
i’m so bad
do i make it bеtter or make it last
doubt my longevity
act likе you scared of me
act like you scared of me

am i worse than that
you can’t make me mad
just don’t tell me that
just don’t tell me that

[verse 4]
tryna cleanse all of my toxins
i done made some songs
tryna right all of these wrongs
better off alone
take it to my dome
i don’t have no home
i’m just feeling wrong
i’ve been feeling off
can you make it stop
gone, i’ll be gone
i’ll be gone
i’ll be gone soon
because i feel like this
i’ll be gone
gone, i’ll be gone

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