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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (remix) – yungen


i’m gonna say whatever comes to my head
don’t take offence

[verse 1]
look, i don’t roll with no weirdos
i don’t link no ratchets
my young boy throws the hits
and yeah it’s long if he backs it
bare girl in the club she’s bi, goes uni and does gymnastics
bought her friend round it’s a new era
i had to show her the hatrick
there was three in the bed and the lightie said to the brown one go lower
laid down the ting then i looked at them
don’t make me waste my b-n-r
she don’t really like alcohol but she don’t mind a corona
i took a backseat
yeah they got drive but they ain’t got nothing to chauffeur
i had mashes ask spar before i could boil a potato
did my first link up at 19 [?] ina range rove
had to lay low for real sh-t change clothes
that girl called lorraine from e3, the first chick to give me a rainbow

i heard they asking if i make doe
i probably got your little brother on a pay roll
i wear this chris brown screaming “hoes ain’t loyal”
got my hand where you thought she had her halo
yeah i’m a neek but they’ll slap you if i say so
man i’m really from the block like j-lo
driving round in the whip banging partynextdoor
it’s either that or that new jhene aiko
spent my days in the south on a f-ckery doe
old school you might of seen man at country show
i had the freshest tracksuits them huaraches with the strap
but believe me that didn’t come from mummy’s doe
i beat the girls on the timin’ that they rate
they’ll probably say it’s just the fame
it’s either that or they gon’ say a n-gga lie
then i’ll start naming some names like

nia what’s good, amez what’s good
sarah what’s good, tara what’s good
amarnz what’s good, wyfa what’s good
it’s better i say it or the f-cking block would

but all of that was before i had a missus
“who’s your girl yungs?” n-gga mind your business
i’m on tour middle finger to the critics
like i hope i see you n-ggas at the finish man
i’m still out here, yeah it’s getting long
but how can i quit crying when the road pays
these days you might find me with krept and konan
and i was bangin’ them from the phone days like
“i make a boy run miles, when i’m with my mandem
two guns up like styles, you should of caught a bus instead”

i go 0 to a 1000 n-gga real quick, real quick
whole squad on that hill sh-t
0 to a 1000 n-gga real quick, real quick
whole squad on that hill sh-t