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lirik lagu aimless! – yxng1500


not only am i at a height you can’t reach
but im at a height that you cannot aim for
i’m done running round with these internet neeks
what the f*ck you think i got my name for?
put yves saint laurent
on my motherf*cking sheets
that’s the type of sh*t you cannot pay for
a 10 over 10 that’s my girl
she’s a freak
that’s the type of b*tch i’m finna stay for [x2]

hit that boy once had him moving correctly
best in the game y.v.n.g dont test me
he was all talk when we came he greg hefflyed
meaning he shut the f*ck up he was empty

if we talking riches i got em all
i just flooded my wrist bustdown automur
i just gave her d now she want some more
got me pulling her strings like a new guitar


verse 2 & 3: [von zi & the 4th]
the 4th:
can’t be on my status lil boy it’s aimless
i hope one day we pull up in a sp*ceship
smack smack a n*gga for the paper
we going up elevator
if we talking riches i got em all
i know some n*ggas hope that i fall
but my n*ggas pull up with only one call imma get it get it all
i’m bout to blow up you n*ggas ain’t notice
my diamond they coming on ice
if u talk it then show it
my choppa be blowing got n*ggas they ready to fight
b*tch i’m chasing a bag and only a bag and i put that sh*t on my life
i can’t tell u the story didn’t really have money
but still imma drip on sight

von zi:
yeah you see the drip on me now
i gotta lil b*tch and she fine
my queen she the baddest, she buss it down
and i put that sh*t on rewind
im already up down ever doubt it
you n*ggas stuck on the ground
and we smoking og in the crib
the gas coming loud with the sound
b*tch you gotta do something
yunno i ain’t coming here for nothing
bring out the tech, load it up and im bustin
sippin hi* tech your sippin rubitussin
choppa on the side like he my cousin
load it up we dont do no discussion
extended clip in the back for the f*ck n*ggas
cause n*ggas be talking


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