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lirik lagu ro – quarterback vision – z


“quarterback vision”

uh homie, you don’t really want me to shine
like boston george, ain’t wanna give up his connect to diego
you the type of n-gg- that wanna come up, but want me to stay low
the day i leave this b-tch in a body bag, is what you pray fo’
but i’m still living and ya’ll haters get mo’ mad, with every breath i take
sometime i might spill a n-gg-, but j. prince clean up every mess i make
so like my quicker picker upper, that’s my bounty n-gg-
my p-ss dirty but i ain’t smoke, just weed in my brownies n-gg-
you don’t wan’ rump with me, i’m riding with that big gun
my fifty caliber shoot so far, i call that b-tch my vince young
if it’s really time to merk you homie, i ain’t gon need a rehearsal homie
cause it ain’t gon be a commercial homie, it’s s-x money and murder homie

call me vince young homie, i got quarterback vision
i can see the 5-0’s, when they blitzing
i see stick up kids, targeting z-ro for the sticking
so it’s pistols in every room, every bathroom and both kitchens
better go long homie, cause you know i throw long homie
but, you don’t wanna catch this p-ss
touchdown for the s.u.c., we soldiers united for cash
touchdown like reggie bush on a break away, who gon catch my -ss
i don’t know n-body that fast, whoo

i’m feeling so pimp c right now, call me roach -ss
yeah your diamonds shine but not like mine, homie that’s your bad
i ain’t even a materialistic guy, i don’t love money
but you might think i do cause i’ll murder you, if you try to take some from me
look at you now, you can’t even have an open casket you dumb dummy
and i sleep real good every night, cause ain’t none of the bullets come from me
so don’t make me floyd mayweather jr. your -ss
like i was 147 pounds, one hundred ak-47 rounds sit down
i’m official, like a referee whistling tougher than bone grissle
put so much lead in your -ss, you can be your own pencil
z-ro the crooked king of the ghetto, yeah homie that’s my name
and i’m healthy as a motherf-cker, with seventy carats up in my chain


now i ain’t never been to 106th & park, and sat on the couch
but i’m a legend in this rap, in the south (ah-choo)
excuse me i’m allergic to b-tch n-gg-z, i’m b-tch n-gg-z intolerant
so my stomach cramp up, whenever i run into b-tch n-gg-z
i’m rolling in my kobe bryant, on top of deuce maccallister’s
i’m always in a fo’ do’, but i ain’t never got no p-ssengers
good weed good drank, big money mayn
i don’t get along with ya’ll fellas, but i get money mayn
most of the rappers in my city, wanna see me flop
cause when i came back home from jail, that’s when all they shows stopped
i got quarterback vision, i ain’t never been sacked
and i don’t walk with fifty n-gg-z either, how you love that