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pokébye for now (house tour song) - zane shaw lyrics


i’m so you joined me, it’s a real
to see the energy i’m from this group
never , always cackling, gettin’ rid of the
, see ya soon in another one

i do this ’til i die, i hope it’s not
to ideas by, *ever comes to mind
it’s all the way, we’ll *utely get better
this team is like
this dream is forever
this drеam is the one just can’t take away
i’ll nеver lose the for anyone
who just wants to have some fun
with a group of who lucked out now

you’ve seen the house, you toured around
kicked your off, got
but you know me, i’ll able to make something
different or better, or more of the same
so just hang around and see what we make
, , starring everyone out there
making my dreams a reality

feel free to hang around the house as long as you like
there’s more on the way, but for now, goodnight

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