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lirik lagu 3 am bars (idk remix) – zeven


i’m so d-mn cold, might as well go grab me a heater
or i could play my own music then stand in front of the speaker
n-ggas acting like dragons when zeven the fire breather
when the kid rich i ain’t gon cop me no new freezer
imma save my money imma play my cards right and skip the club
i’ll be the king of diamonds all the cash i’ll be racking it up
then all the n-ggas that was hating gon be tapping it up
like the meat is overcooked imma be rapping it tough
i’ll just be dropping the bombs call me isis
haters backseat drive when they don’t got a license
if the beat is the cake then i’m the icing
when i grab the mic my bars will bite your ears like tyson
i ain’t no chicken i’ll turn the beef into steak
by looking at it and rapping and putting it on ya plate
i be running through the green like a rake
in october my bars is nonstop like drake
i’m a scorpion my bars is venomous
like klay shooting a 3 man you know i never miss
when they hear me they say d-mn boy you in your element
i feel like kendrick i be pulling strings so yall can call me jimi hendrix
when you talking trash you can get me outta your mentions
you telling me that i’m average is just offending
i really wanna have beef with a rapper and then
annihilate them and be the reason why they whole career ended
cause i’m tired i stay being underestimated
like i’m a heavy bodybuilder all my bars is weighted
as soon as you start getting some fans
n-ggas swear that they your brother my n-gga we not related
all the songs i created like cartoons i’m animated
like algebra calculated i’m driving like automated
like drizzy i’m elevated i’m dizzy and irritated
like arnold i’ll terminate em i’m j cole i’m motivated
my lyrics is overstated the rap game is populated
i managed to penetrate it cause my rhymes are all serrated
your hating is mitigated it turns into motivation
my sk!ll level graduated and that is an understatement
haters talking nappy then they end up faded
either that or they become fans when i get famous
but i ain’t gon let that distract me from what the aim is
to make sure everybody know exactly what my name is