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lirik lagu “0-100 rounds” – zoetic


zac of all trades…
workin’ on the mixtape…
all my sh-t sound straight…

chopper spit 0 to a 100 rounds real quick..
real quick.. real real quick, hol’ up..
all these people tryna k!ll sh-t..
k!ll sh-t… but you know that they gon’ feel this!(x2)

b-tches makin’ wishes for a bmw…
(true!) but i dont really f-cks witchu!
everytime i’m ridin’ round
play my music h-lla loud
comin thru to shut it down
look what happened to this town!
my boy just got off a pound…
of that loud and you still be sellin’ bags hater?!
i caught a charge for the strap!…
real rap! and you say you bussin’ mags hater?!
i’ll throw you in a pit of alligators
if he ever doubt me i dont care he a f-ckin’ traitor!
take ya face to a cheese grater, cause i need paper
every beat i’m throwin’ bombs, i dont mean jager!
yea, i’m like a modern-day c-ssius clay
punchlines knock ’em out like debow, change for days
(arghh!) muhammad ali, float like a b-tterfly and sting like a bee
chopper sound like mike tyson when he spits a free like
“fairies frolic freely forever inside the forest”
i be k!llin’ sh-t i know you cannot ignore it
i’m the bear that drowned goldilocks inside the porridge
leave the scene lookin’ morbid
got em’ jumpin’ out they jordans
you might see me on the forbes list
the armed forces ridin’ four dark horses
of course its, gunna run its course, when i split you like divorces
tryna go against me it’s like a cheetah to a tortoise
stop lion(lying) you be monkeyin’ around till’ red dots eem at you(emu) then i say bison(bye son)
and yo b-tch goat(gon’) scream when i panther(pants her) gr-sshopper(hop up) in her boxer(box) then giraffe(laugh) when i lemur(leave her) ha!
one hunit’
no frontin’, keep it one hunit’
on the track, when i rap, my words they start runnin’
memory lapse, check the facts, in my raps, zac’s crack, brraat brraat, blah blah we all know that!
im tryna’ come up wit’ somethin different
they givin’ me punches,kicking
a bunch of you p-ssies, kittens
i’m a grown -ss man so why in the h-ll would i be kiddin’?
look at all these flows i’m rippin’
i’m spittin’ these lines they sniffin’
i’m showin’ no signs of quittin’
this music is why i’m livin’
i’m k!llin’ wit guns i’m grippin’
i’m tuckin’ rollin’ and flippin’
i’m sick of beefin’ wit chickens
p-ssies actin like some women
when i get to kickin’ writtens
they belong inside the kitchen
since i bailed out of the prison
i’ve been on musical missions
promise i’ll never be slippin’
f-ck the world i stick my d-ck in
zac of all trades, a’int no element that i be missin’ look!