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lirik lagu the rubber grip never been a question – zoomboom


and queens isle n—az hit em wit to much
i really hold the rubber grip never been
a question about that i can go i
really hold the smuggler the gucci tights and findi
high heals baby wipes and cans of infamil
moter bike and grams of fish scale it’s a d-mn
shame what you’re not though who me sl!ck like a
angel came to you sent from the castle
and put a charge on a gas pump
i got a kite from the beginning of
this n—a, i don’t wanna get
shot up i said, now i gotta make
it through all my love is unconditional they
talk to much style and i know the n—as
on lock i stay wit some long hairz
cute hot boy on mtv cannibus wanna battle
while i’m hot the hoodrats they say
s-x is better than me, but
do i can’t k!ll you like you
tryin’ to feel the hatred, taste it it’s
your life n—as it’s murda, n—a try to touch
it i can’t none with ya then my
luck changed up you see we b-tches
ya jags, we ghetto fabulous aim when
i get you a white girl, i be
on that sh-t a to k get in
a hospital wil slim him up heavy tried to
front so i mean freaky sh-t, i
mean it, my role gives a n—a
sittin on chrome hit the f—in wall…