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lirik lagu literal legend (myspace) – zyehvi


uh uh uh uh

please hit me babe don’t be late
can we please go on a date?
i want you bad like a vape

i need you i want you
dreaming of top i’m on you
grinding on top like sunroof
spit in my mouth swallow you

i can be your ice cream
l!ck me your favorite ice cream
i’m trying to do all those things
naughty and wet his cancer
i’m private, yup his dancer
his favorite f*ck romancer
your phone is on so answer
let’s keep up all the banter

call me f*cking crazy
long as you call me baby

call me f*cking goddess
come on, let’s start a riot
call me best of all time
i’m all yours, you’re all mines

uh uh*uh uh

please hit me babe don’t be late
can we just meet at my place?
i’m racing like a relay

desperately i’ll pleasure
satisfied in like ever
wear me cause i’m your sweater
with time we just get better

tell me how you like me
turn me on and bite me
mimosa drinks with ice b
come on and pour it on me
whips and chains let’s try it
doggy style come pound it
our temperature is rising
cologne, poppers and diamonds

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