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lirik lagu 3 nocturnes: no. 3. lullaby – daniel elder


lullaby, sing lullaby
the day is far behind you
the moon sits high atop the sky
now let sweet slumber find you
away, away

the day is done, and gone the sun
that lit the world so brightly
the earth’s a-glow with speckled show
of twinkling stars so sprightly
away, away

where the sunlight is beaming
through a deep cloudless blue
and the treetops are gleaming
with a fresh morning dew
where the mountains are shining
on the meadows below
in a brilliant white lining of a new fallen snow

close your eyes, breathe in the night
a softer bed i’ll make you
the trial is done, all danger gone
now let for dreaming take you
away, away

where the ocean is lapping at a soft, pearly sh0r-
and the swaying palms napping as their swinging fronds soar
now the dark night approaches, yet so soft and so mild

lullaby, sing lullaby
(sleep, sleep)
sleep, my child
(now, my child)