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lirik lagu dead birds – deadcrw


i bring b*tches to my residence
& leave on top of them a bunch of bl**dy dead presidents
in my premises you best not ever be
unless you wanna be another body sleeping with them skeletons
i eat dead p*ssy like its gellatin
inhale a dim, in h*ll its dim, & my emotions feminine
reason why im deading them when they be wearing denim &
a belly shirt, make her bеlly squirt, organs im selling em
dwellin in hеr mind cause im eating her brains
dropping her zebra colored bra & heading towards them sh*t stains
her wrists sprained, jerking me off till he spits crame (cream)
hits her face, makes up for the make up cause her sh*ts plain
this p*ssed pain, retaliating through f*ll*tio
dres cas degrading hoes, five at a time for a fine ratio
my strict claim is that she better f*ck on first dates
if not, well her clocks up, my c*cks up, this her first rape
i be moving at a thirst rate
bit a b*tches tit at first grade, where was the first aid?
couldn’t stop the bleeding with a kit of the first aid
ummmm, from the p*rno he first played
surpassing them nerds passing class, grabbing the ass of his third maid
now constantly on the prowl on thirsty thursdays
take a pic of this b*tch sucking my d*ck & get some shirts made
im not a player i just f*ck a lot
& never in the club but i stay stalking in the parking lot
park & spot, dont give a f*ck if it is dark or not
hit that sh*t raw where she farts & cough till it starts to rot
dig some ditches, feed her to them worms
thats for all times them b*tches told me i had f*cking germs
homie pass the herbs, & for lack of better words & terms
all these b*tches i kick em after i d*ck em to the curbs… dead birds
dont slam the door on your wait out you dirty wh0re

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