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lirik lagu #012mostwanted – el tha don



still 012 north side most wanted
trapping harder then a dope dealer
if you an addict just say wuzup then we at it
alota n-gg-s be thinking that they winning it but they be losing it
close casket to them snitches stand on top of it
just to make sure that they deep six feet under it
gada make sure who you roll with cuz alota m-f-s
talk a lot when the blunt is out believe that
real eyes realize real lies come witness it
north side 012 night time mommies on the loss cuz they wet
hard to believe lets take a walk we can even make a bet
50/50 put your money where mouth is if you relate
still a spitter n-gg- on low just p-ss the mic then am on it
squeet on the mic like a p-rnstar mrs jackson
hit your main on low while we listening to bryson
thinking that am tiller don’t touch my beard
never trust a chick remember what happened to samson
arm strong turned weak after falling in love
s-x leaded him to death looking bl–dy like a tampon
still a bully all black with my hoodie on just like tryvon
what’s goodie say the word we be litty r.i.p to dayvon
king push i relate too salaut to the rap alb-m of the year dayton

ahhhhh check ahhhhh yeah

ain’t got a rolex but check my time piece still glow with no ice
bet some n-gg-s hating even doe they can afford the price
ain’t bragging but its my right just to let n-gg-s know that i ain’t left but am still nice
talale talale blk all night
north side we to cool silent like mice
skirr skirr brr brr thats a four pipe
night time young n-gg-s always catching vibe
daylight ain’t related to never catching hype
silent as a kat but my swag way to fly
high as a kate but am low still touch the ski
g.o.a.t am a g*nius in disguise
greatest of all time what a surprise
from the ghetto to burbs thats an up rise
dirty past colourful future like a sun rise
ain’t quite known am to modest
still realist 012 most wanted am the baddest

yeah yeah

we came we came
we saw we saw
we ruled we ruled
we finna get it back back