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lirik lagu 3 heartbeats freestyle – kool john & iamsu!


[intro: show banga]
(who did this beat? this sh*t go)
ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

[verse 1: show banga]
it’s mr. bag*a*b*tch (ayy)
keep a lot of strips, we be havin’ it (gettin’ it)
might check that neck, then i’m passin’ it, assistin’ it (ooh)
gang gang, b*tch, we n*gga rich (we n*gga rich)
i give you henny d*ck, it’s a privilege (it’s a privilege)
squash sh*t, lil’ baby, yeah, we militant (squash)
hit the pure chu while i’m in your b*tch (yeah)
we just care too legit, i can never quit (woah)

[verse 2: iamsu! & kool john]
it’s a miracle how it’s gettin’ whipped
emmitt smith, runnin’ plays, million*dollar deals and sh*t
forgiatos on the whip, so the f don’t spin
ballin’ on these n*ggas, i should be on espn (ayy)

[verse 3: kool john & iamsu!]
f*ck payin’ for p*ssy, i’ma buy the b*tch (woo)
all my n*ggas ball, we need sponsorship (mmh)
big rap check look like a scholarship
just bought a jacuzzi, now i’m finna hit the landing strip (mmh)
no pda, no acknowledgements
the b*tch gave me head ’cause my accomplishments (huh?)
she was on a roll, had to honor it
i won’t save a b*tch and i promise it (b*tch)
f*ck a new chain, i need a new house (new house)
even with a rubber, i still pull out (ugh)
if i had no legs, i’d still stand out
it’s a halftime show how i pull them bands out, b*tch

[verse 4: show banga]
ayy, john, pull them bands out (pull them bands out)
hit his b*tch at the shmop, made him ran out
two hoes, just me, she brought her friend out (she brought her friend out)
she wanna lock me down, that didn’t pan out (haha)
leave your b*tch around the gang, i bet she fan out (gang)
hit my n*gga ap, he brought the lam’ out (skrrt)
turn her to a p*rnstar, brought the cam out (facts)
whole gang finna eat like we ran out (ayy, ayy, gang)

[verse 5: iamsu!]
blue*face loaf only time i fan out
took her to the low*key hilton in j*pantown
these n*ggas low*key snitchin’, i keep a stitched mouth
cartier corrected my vision, so i can see now (woo)

[verse 6: kool john]
she wanna meet su, she wanna f*ck showy (huh)
pick one, my circle small like a slice of baloney (b*tch)
she gave me the p*ssy like the b*tch owe me (ugh)
b*tch, i thought i was soup by the way that she blow me

[verse 7: show banga]
keep a shooter gang like kony gin0bili
i think i’m pootie tang how these b*tches is on me
i’m really out here eating, you n*ggas is bony
big rocks in my ears, you n*ggas jabronis (ah, f*ck)