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lirik lagu fight me – lord trippy & journell pierre


i can’t tell if you like me or wanna fight me
i heard she wanna smash just let her man we do it nightly
jeepers creepers with the bug ol f*cking eyes
i can’t tell if you like me or wanna fight me

fight me?
do you wanna fight me?
i can’t tell if you like me or wanna fight me?

is you staring at me cause i’m so f*cking pretty?
or do you want these hands p*ssy boy cmon let’s get it

it’s not my fault that your b*tch is screaming pipe me
i can’t hit that thotty cause i heard that p*ssy spicy

(journell pierre)
oh i think she like me in my white tee and i’m looking icy
d*mn probably why her n*gga tryna fight me
told that boy just do it like its nike

b*tch its only up
but she hit my phone she say she only f*ck
i told this b*tch ok ok but first just suck
suck up on my nut
know you feeling down let journell bring you out this rut
why do n*ggas lie i guess we will never know?
only up and bas*m*nt yeah we finna shake the floor
take it to the clouds
now we look down
n*ggas used to laugh now they the ones with the frowns

(lord trippy)
aye journell is you swinging?
(is you swinging repeated )

cause i’m swinging
even when i’m ganging
you throw up 5
i leave you hanging
this k and a o and a f*ck n*gga slaying

cause on the block i’m kakarot
hit you with a rock
if you is a oop
kamehamea shot

i’m with the sh*t too no blade yoshumitsu on tekken
and i’m bout that mortal kombat rip midsection
lord trippy like i had a resurrection
pride month look like you wanna s*x me
or do you wanna test me
you gon get d just for thinkin you can stress me
imma blessing