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lirik lagu ocean of thought – machinedrum


you and i
listen to the sound of my voice
the timbre, the rhythm, the tone
the words are only sounds
and the frequencies are only
ripples of movement in the air
your entire consciousness
the you of your mind
that is now in the present
is just waves on the surface of a vast
deep ocean of thought
i will speak and you will hear
but there is no need to think
no need to wonder
no need to resist
my words will p-ss through your conscious mind
into the depths of your unconscious
ocean of thought
and you will never completely understand the [?]
the rules [?]
[?] and the [?] will blossom inside you
come with me
close your eyes
and it drifts slowly until [?]
unwrapping and floating into the abyss
until it is nothing
your brain is a marvel of [?]