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lirik lagu 1:0666 (prod. mystxry) – n3on


i’ve done some things that you don’t know, i hurt myself when i’m alone, i’ve made some change that they can’t know, won’t tell me you care cause i know you don’t

i’ve been gifted with these visions, every days getting twisted, with these wicked decisions, they can’t relate with, taking chances are you ride or die, through the dead of night, i wanna feel alright, i just wanna vibe, but with this f*cking knife, i could watch a mother cry just another time, tell me if i’m alright, i don’t feel alive, even in the night when i take too many lines i, been hating myself i don’t feel alive, i could write you a song but you don’t wanna die, so with this knife i go slice slice slice and then there goes my f*cking life