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lirik lagu breathe – raheem devaughn


the ultimate pleasure’s giving pleasure
yeah, i’m a taurus…they say that we’re patient lovers…are you a scorpio, cancer, capricorn? on the cusp?

if you should feel thirsty, i’ll be sure to bring you water
yes, girl i got candles that will slow burn longer
and i know your favorite love song
and how you like it on repeat
me, i was born a patient lover
so i’ll start with your feet

it would be like
when hearts beat as one
it would feel like
no ordinary kiss
you and i
now close your eyes
and picture us
breathing life

[repeat chorus]

i’ll do my best to inspire you
to dream of us til we meet again
you may even be encouraged
to take a walk so we can love again
the most high outdid herself when
she created you
and girl i am thankful
for how our love has bloomed

[repeat chorus 4x]