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lirik lagu 1 day (steele 11 part) – steele 11


when the club is hot, i pull up with the tardies in the game
we gon’ run it, i got people hitting just in every state
yeah, i had enough, this actavis is flowing through my brain
we gon’ add it up, then make the money fall, yeah, let it rain

it is simply, ain’t philosophy
you either ride with me or you are not with me
she only fell in love, ’cause i got guap with me
i need the throne, hoe, always stoppin’ me

feel like my own life has been put in a verse
i’m just coming out the dirt
get money to spend on her
this a blessing and a curse

you come last, i come in first
if you come through, don’t say a word
imma go buy you a purse
just to show you what you were/are