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lirik lagu the white tile floor – surroundings


we are no more than vessels
lifeless ent-ties amidst the void
these days seem to slip right by
as we continue our search (for)
a purpose, a reason
growing and shaping to become
the things we desire most
grounded by the endless complications
that obstruct the path less travelled
fragmented landscapes
intrepid imagery
the seasons change
buried alive
in the chambers of our fractured minds
searching throughout the voids
in which thoughts reside
tangle the strings
sever all that tethers you to your consciousness
we’ll take the skies apart
and reconstruct through lucid dreams
dream this all away
distort the abject memory
burn the pages bound
in the wake of a failed moon
the disconnect comes quickly
release these anchors bound to our feet
the mechanism of creativity
t–th mesh into gears
and we take to flight
no longer walking in the shadow
of a greater man
those days mean nothing
in the glow of a brighter future
no longer sinking
no longer drowning
the light touches the frame
our dying sun
the backdrop to a new world
that we have created