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lirik lagu 04 binawa – tardast


my night’s dark. where in the city am i? loner
wandering anywhere
tomorrow’s vision in my head, cold
me, the rain and the pen
me and wet pages
all’s dark it all fades when it’s cliché
step by step, me and the dirty wet floor
me needy and the people cheap, wealth’s a blanket
seven, eight books, pen and a page
where should i sleep, destitute? where should i lay my head tonight? watch, evеryone’s passing by. wait, are you sleeping in the cold too? don’t go. don’t pass. don’t lеave me alone
how was school, kids? would you give me a coin?
no doubt you’ve all got a future!
i know i live to sustain you. below the line, we’re the bedrock of the capitalist regime. but when you get to the top and become somebody, don’t leave the weak echelons behind. in the city, everyone’s after huge profits, and me? jumping at every police alarm, a bad result. and you? a ruler, ruling my sentence. don’t mess me around. i’m empty of any criteria. i’m stuck in a rut, kicked out and i’m your neighbor now in alleyways, dust and garbage, mud’s bedfellow far away from the counted people, and just
(heavy breath) i’m just breathing
. a dirty vision of the city
my head empty, liquor in my hand, tobacco by my side, i love the people but their words imprison me. i can’t turn back, and i can’t summon tomorrow. yelling everywhere i go, i’m a bad drunk – and the way you’re looking at me now – it’s like i’ve become a piece of garbage too

verse ii
im laughing!
since last night, been in solitude
still couldn’t find time to looking around
forgiving myself in corners of my mind
thinking bout tomorrow, thinking bout today
thinking bout my hands
bunions toes in my shoes
me? whats me what should i say bout us?
me , you , whoever saw it and passed
he saw the weak then he stabbed it from back
and laughed
out of your warm house
the poor shivered at night
you’re poor with your mindset too
get out of your frame
gift your humanity
be lover
in this generation
humanity doesn’t exist, pallid
anger is worse than any storm but
bold your presence
if we’re side by side every night
the darkness becomes to the light
you trust my word
give your hand to my hand
we’re going on journey till destination
drowning oppressor’s roots, tail off
me? everywhere you’re hearing am there
me? the voice inside the brain cell
call of freedom
with you and your combat
if you’re exist me pulse me jugular vein will beat
if you’re in front me and understand my word
i‘d love to have convos
you’re not an outsider don’t you?
me hand is shaking while am writing
come on, come on move my pen
say my words one by one instead of me
come with me step by step
don’t pass superficially
look for reason and logic
deep your view, open your eyes
look for a colourful tomorrow
sing and stay on your decisions
your knees got weak? i’m your combat
shout it to them to join us
get up stronger
my journey became complete with you
with you the ending would be lighter
get up stay calm
die in your love ocean
come visit me
sit by my side once again
come visit me
sit by my side again