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lirik lagu 38 special – viktor r



most of these rappers be claiming they be rapping
adey barb the reason, this is a divine starting
for me- supposing every talent out there got a chance to record in any studio that be when you can differentiate between dope and stupid flows
street boy’s broke, others too book be demma own
some too them record saa no shows
leave your worries to jehovah ents3 bibiaa b3y3 kama
i stand with the conquerer
i no dey feel the devil en formula
god made me a governor
next year teamrealight will be all over!, florida ,s3 mungye me ndi you still be thinking who be this kidii me feelie s3nia )w) form dida -well everybro then en pattern i’m not coming in soft like i be some cotton
rap ne de3 ma stalkie bi dida
atanfo ne p3 s3 )di girls tisi potipha wife nu 3ha me la but i already got myself love mu bodyguard
na hu)f3 kraaa na 3b) me dam
i’mma keep delivering bad news like a local post office
my boss knows that i got this
we coming in with god speed others may think that i’ve lost it
it’s time for me to shine even if you think i’m not god sent i cannot have my victory without a refractory change in my mind
i don’t have to be counting my own loses f their satis-factory i’m at ease i stand for v they can never double me smoke the history not good at algebra but my x will tell you y you don’t even have to test me i was never afraid to trust an unknown future to a known god just look at where he got me