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lirik lagu is there no harbor – watson wayne


wayne watson and phil naish
water into wine–weeping into laughter
in another time–another age
healing of the blind–stillness from disaster
lookin for a sign–we turn the page
and the pressures of a reckless society
are enough to make a strong man’s knees go weak
and the questions from the m-sses
filled with anxiety–seem to be sayin’
you can hear them prayin’
is there no harbor–is there no resting place
is there no refuge–no quiet sound
is there no lighthouse–is there no peace be still
is there no anchor to higher ground
some days i can find–power for the hour
on the battled line against the rage
confidence is high–like a mighty tower
still i question why–do i have these weaker days
and will retreat become my battlecry tonight
no–no i can see the revelation
and it’s bringin’ the truth to light
there is a harbor–there is a resting place
there is a refuge–a quiet sound
there is a lighthouse–there is a peace be still
there is an anchor to higher ground