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lirik lagu hs reject – ynkeumalice


imma hs reject f*ck class imma skip
i’m way to myself to care about school
it was f*ck school f*ck everybody who wasn’t down for me i was a high school
reject gave no f*cks i was a school savage never gave a f*ck did what i
want when i want did have care
long hair didn’t care but can’t waited until my graduation i was outta school back in may i say i graduated even tho
no one was proud of me how i feel
made to many mistakes f*cked up my
image way to much looking back i need a
smoke how the times i wasn’t anyones
friend i used and betrayed when i f*cked
up i f*cked up yeah ik it’s different now now i’m alone to myself how it went wrong at the beginning it was cool then took at dark turn under the moonlight
how i was star of the show to the joke
of the class how they laughed at me
i was a fool ik i was wrong knew it was wrong i been in my head old girl left me i’m alone trying to recycle what’s old with the new feelings with old feelings mix em mixology need a drank poor me a shot shots on my mind call me whatever know i was who was i’m new now can’t compare me to the old now

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