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lirik lagu i’m a chicken head (skit) – cam’ron

[ck head:] and your right ill be a chicken cause ur a cat so ill do like dogs do bark and get my buddy p*sses

[cam:] blah bla blah

[ck head:] sayin h*llo and then hung up the f*ckin phone then when i called back u wasnt pickin up the f*ckin phone, i dont understand why

[cam:] what are u sayin u said you wasnt gona call me any more so why are you callin me

[ck head:] and so what you say alot things but you dont do it you want to get technical

[cam:] why are you callin me

[ck head:] ill call you when i feel like it change your number

ill be a chicken so ima act like a chicken quack quack quack or whatever the f*ckin sounds they make

[cam:] thats a duck what u wanna ba duck or a chicken

[ck head:] n*gg* i wanna punch u right in ur eye, i wanna punch u right in ur f*ckin nose caue thats how u got me feellin right not

[cam:] man listen

[ck head:] no dont tell me to f*ckin listen you listen where u at

[cam:] im at the studio

[ck head:] where on 24th i will go to every f*ckin studio and find ur *ss

[cam:] iight

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